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A transmitted ultrasonic pulse is sent through paint and metal and is reflected by the rear wall. The returning echo reverberates in the metal and only a small part of the echo returns through the coating. The time between the small echoes gives us the time of the echo within the metal. This time is in direct connection to the material thickness. The underwater ultrasonic material thickness meter interprets the recurring echoes automatically and calculates the thickness of the material. A minimum of three echoes is checked each time by the automatic measurement verification (AMV) system. 

Waterproof Ultrasonic Tester Multigauge 3000

  • Ultrasonic range 1000 ... 8000 m/s
    Resolution 0.1 mm or 0.05 mm
    Accuracy ± 0.1 mm or ± 0.05 mm
    Display Red, four-digit LED display with seven segments
    Waterproofing / underwater pressure Up to 500 m depth
    Batteries 1 x rechargeable 7.2 V 2.3 Ah NiMH battery pack
    Battery life 55 hours of continuous use at full charge
    Dimensions 235 mm x 80 mm
    Weight 1110 g
    Protection class RoHS and WEEE
    Operating temperature -10 ° C ... +50 ° C
    Storage temperature -10 ° C ... +60 ° C
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