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微塵分析儀 | PQC 系列

Particle Counter PQC 15EU


源自德國 PCE© | 醫療級微塵分析儀

The particle counters of the PQC series measure the concentration of particles such as dust, soot, pollens and many other aerosols in the air. To accurately determine the degree of pollution of the air, the particle counters were developed. Pollution is mainly generated by combustion, material processing, manufacturing, power generation, vehicle engine emissions and the construction industry. With the help of the PCE-PQC 1xEU series particle counters the exact amount of dirt particles in the air can be measured.

PQC 系列的微塵 (粒子) 分析儀可測量空氣中細至0.3μm 的塵埃,準確測量空氣的污染程度,在無塵間, 實驗室, 無塵醫療室, 食物生產區域等,都可應用PQC 系列進行ISO 評級, 儀器分析級別達到 ISO 14644-1 標準,提升生產品質。

本港生產口罩的無塵間,需達到 ISO 14644-1 標準,在申請ISO 前,生產廠房需為空氣品質取樣進行檢測,PQC 系列可量度單位微至0.3μm,量化後的塵粒直接在瑩幕上顯示 ; 而測量精準度及誤差值已達專業水平,為生產商帶來快捷及專門的品質檢測。

儀器概覽Product Views

Temperature & RH Probe 

Universal Sensor Port

Isokinetic Probe


4.3” Color

Touch Screen

Power Switch & One Touch Sample Button

  1. USB Cable 6' (1.8m)

  2. Handheld User Manual and Instrument Management Software (USB Key)

  3. Purge Filter Assembly 0.1 CFM (2.83 LPM)

  4. Temperature / RH Probe

PQC 原廠証書比較 | Factory Calibrated at





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塵粒分析效能Counting Efficiency


50% at 0.3 μm 100% at > 0.45 μm according to JIS

50% at 0.5 μm 100% at > 0.75 μm according to JIS

50% at 0.5 μm 100% at > 0.75 μm according to JIS

50% at 0.3 μm 100% at > 0.45 μm according to JIS

50% at 0.5 μm 100% at > 0.75 μm according to JIS

50% at 0.5 μm 100% at > 0.75 μm according to JIS

Factory Floor with Two Workers

Clean Room | 無塵室車間測量

Science Lab

Of greater importance is the degree of pollution of the air with pathogenic particles such as soot, which are released by the industry and especially by diesel vehicles without special filtering in the air. Such dispersion particles are responsible inter alia for reduced visibility, the inhalation of toxic substances and thus reduced labor productivity. It has also been known for some time that the particles also make a not inconsiderable contribution to many medical diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, skin and lung diseases. The particle counters are designed for easy and quick use. The particle counters of the PCE-PQC 1xEU series operate in different modes (real-time, cumulative, differential, mass concentration, ...) and display the results on the display,

PQC Highlight | 儀器特點

  1.  Internal memory  

  2.  Particle sizes up to 75 μm 

  3.  Color display  

  4.  Handy

  5.  6 measuring channels

  6.  ISO 14644-1, EU GMP Annex I, FS 209E

  7.  Mass concentration

  8.  Ethernet, USB

  9.  Incl. calibration certificate traceable to NIST ISO 21501-4 and JIS B9921


ISO 14644 Cleanroom Standards無塵間要求


PQC 系列 | 11EU - 15EU

Scientist on Tablet
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